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The View of Delft dataset

This repository shares the documentation and development kit of the View of Delft automotive dataset.

Prius sensor setup

Example frame from our dataset with camera, LiDAR, 3+1D radar, and annotations overlaid.



[2022-07-11] Added guidelines to train PointPillars on the 3+1D Radar point cloud using OpenPCDet.
[2022-10-11] Added tracking IDs to annotations, see here.


The View-of-Delft (VoD) dataset is a novel automotive dataset containing 8600 frames of synchronized and calibrated 64-layer LiDAR-, (stereo) camera-, and 3+1D radar-data acquired in complex, urban traffic. It consists of more than 123000 3D bounding box annotations, including more than 26000 pedestrian, 10000 cyclist and 26000 car labels.

Prius sensor setup Prius sensor setup
Example clip from our dataset with sensor data (left), and annotations (right) overlaid.

A short introduction video of the dataset can be found here (click the thumbnail below):

Thumbnail of the demo video

Sensors and data

We recorded the output of the following sensors:

All sensors were jointly calibrated. See the figure below for a general overview of the sensor setup.

For details about the sensors, the data streams, and the format of of the provided data, please refer to the SENSORS and DATA documentation.

Prius sensor setup


The dataset contains 3D bounding box annotations for 13 road user classes with occlusion, activity, information, along with a track id to follow objects across frames. For more details, please refer to the Annotation documentation.


The dataset is made freely available for non-commercial research purposes only. Eligibility to use the dataset is limited to Master- and PhD-students, and staff of academic and non-profit research institutions. Access will be possible to request by filling this form:

Form to request access to the VoD dataset

By requesting access, the researcher agrees to use and handle the data according to the license. See furthermore our privacy statement.

After validating the researcher’s association to a research institue, we will send an email containing password protected download link(s) of the VoD dataset. Sharing these links and/or the passwords is strictly forbidden (see licence).

In case of questions of problems, please send an email to a.palffy at

Frequently asked questions about the license:

Getting Started

Please refer to the GETTING_STARTED manual to learn how to organize the data and start using the development kit, as well as find information regarding evaluation.

Examples and Demos

Please refer to this EXAMPLES manual for several examples (Jupyter Notebooks) of how to use the dataset and the development kit, including data loading, fetching and applying transformations, and 2D/3D visualization.




If you find the dataset useful in your research, please consider citing it as:

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